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Log Cabins Worthy of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends gather together to share good food and to spend some quality time together.  Those Norman Rockwell visions include a warm, cozy house with a large living room and a fireplace amongst a cluster of tall trees.  Make that home a log cabin in the woods and the […]

Fall Maintenance Tips for Log Cabins

Do you have a log cabin? If so, chances are your log cabin is one of your most cherished possessions. It is a great place to vacation or live. But just like any other home, you need to perform maintenance on it. With these fall maintenance tips, your log cabin can be kept in tip-top […]

Maintaining Your Log Cabin With Preservatives

Your log cabin demands measures to keep many serious issues at bay and ensure its longevity. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient preservative methods you can adopt to assure a longer lifespan for your log cabin. Shell-Guard: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative This particular product keeps various types of insects away and prevents […]

Log Cabin Maintenance

Karl Young, based in Springfield Ohio, has been a general contractor for over ten years. He also works in restoration, from log cabins to deck construction.  To tackle the subject of log cabins, especially in the maintenance sector, we knew exactly the person to ask. Taking care of the exterior of your house/holiday home can […]

Keep Your Log Cabin Cool with Air Conditioning

Having a log cabin is a contemporary approach nowadays. They are useful, look beautiful and are versatile. However, maintaining the right kind of temperature within a log cabin particularly during different seasons can be a challenging task for many people. If the log house has a lower roof than the standard height and has a […]

Importance of Log Cabin Maintenance

Although it is not difficult to maintain a log cabin, some are not in an attractive condition due to lack of regular maintenance. In fact, many log cabin owners fail to maintain their log homes properly and eventually they become useless. A surprising number of log cabins just become useless and need a severe restoration […]

Fireplace Ideas for New Log Cabin Home

The root of the log structure is dubious. It is plausible that it started in northern Europe at some point in the Bronze Age (c. 3,500 B.C.). When Europeans began to settle in America, there was a long history of utilizing logs for houses, horse shelters, and various sheds in the Scandinavian nations, Germany, and […]

Maintenance of Your Log Home

Maintaining a log cabin is not any more difficult or exhausting than keeping a traditional house. However, there are a few unique issues related to log homes that are different than a conventional wood-framed house. Cleaning Focus on the dark patches.  In these areas, the rain moistened the logs, resulting in growth of mildew or mold. […]

Using Local Lumber for Your Log Cabin

For those of you who have an interest in the great outdoors, or for those who simply want to get away from hectic city living, a log cabin out in the countryside will be ideal. Now, every single week, thousands upon thousands of people from all over the country flock to the woods and enjoy […]

Tips for Building a Winter Cabin Home

Log cabin homes offer a unique way of living. It is a house that is all natural and offers you great benefits even in extreme climatic conditions. When you want to build a winter cabin home, you need to consider basic pieces of advice. Take care to get the help of an experienced structural engineer […]