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Fireplace Ideas for New Log Cabin Home

Log Cabin Builders log cabin fireplacesThe root of the log structure is dubious. It is plausible that it started in northern Europe at some point in the Bronze Age (c. 3,500 B.C.). When Europeans began to settle in America, there was a long history of utilizing logs for houses, horse shelters, and various sheds in the Scandinavian nations, Germany, and Northern Russia.  Log cabin fireplaces were just a utility way of warming the home as also serving as a place to cook meals.

In today’s log cabins a fireplace brings warmth, atmosphere and a general feeling of solace. Exactly what sort of fireplace is best for your log home is reliant upon many components. Perused on to find out about alternatives, elements, contemplations and the sky is the limit from there.

Fireplaces today are planned and made by manufacturers in processing plants. Metal inserts are used instead of brick or stone interiors.  These inserts are used for safety and also cost-saving reasons.  Despite the fact that they won’t have that same appeal as the fireplaces of yore, pre-fabricated fireplaces come in a wide range of choices and can be effectively used with modern decor in mind.

A key decision will be whether to purchase a wood consuming, gas, or electric fireplace.  Each choice requires a different type of preparation in the home.  You’ll likewise need to pick the size and style that best suit your requirements.

Fireplaces require special building licenses and must conform to specific codes depending on the type of unit desired.   It is best to make the decision of placement and type of fireplace be made early in the planning process.  Adding one later could create delays in the building schedule.

It should be noted that wood burning fireplaces come with a set of chores that must regularly be completed.  Be sure to consider the cost and work required in buying, splitting, and stacking wood. Then there is stoking the fire, and cleaning slag from the unit.  Chimneys must also be cleaned to prevent chimney fires.

No matter what your style, there is a fireplace that will work for you.  Log Home Builders have been doing this work for a long time. Working with customers to develop the most ideal plans and cabin outlines for them. Whether it is a vacation cabin in the woods or your primary home, we can create a home for you.

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