Log Home Builders log cabinOne of the best things about owning a home or designing and building a new home is having the freedom to design everything the way you want to fit your idea of a perfect home. Appliances have been significant hindrances in design because they have a narrow range of sizes and forms. Remember rooms like the kitchen are designed primarily based on appliances. As you plan a log cabin, you may wonder how you will fit all the appliances you have in mind. Here are a few things you can consider to make the process smoother.

The log cabin whether it be your primary home or a vacation home is supposed to be a place where you are most comfortable. As a vacation home, it can be used for romantic getaways, holidays, long weekends, family gatherings, etc.  This plan could mean installing multipurpose appliances. A wall oven that has a microwave built on top solves a lot of issues like having stovetops that are high which in turn dictate the height of the cabinets. The wall oven is mounted flush with the cabinets at a natural height of around 20 to 30 inches from the floor. A single oven can be a double oven design making cooking or baking at two temperatures possible without needing a separate second oven.

Don’t Forget the Appliances

You can have a built-in microwave in your log cabin.  Built-in microwaves can be wall-mounted like an oven or built-in above the stove. Remember microwaves are used for short durations with small vessels.

Your laundry room is another place that will need modern appliances. The modern front-loading machines are easy to load and unload. This style can also be stacked with a dryer giving you more space in the laundry room for ironing or storage. The modern front-loading machines are more water-efficient than the older models but take longer to do a load.

All the discussed appliances need electricity.  If your log cabin is in a more remote area with no utilities, propane appliances are also available.  Search for propane appliances or off-grid appliances to find a dealer in your area.

If you are looking to design a log cabin, consider a design that will fit the appliances that you want and need based on how the building will be used.
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