The Different Log Cabin Styles

One of the beauties of log cabins is that there are no two cabins that are alike. As long as you are custom building, you can rest assured that your cabin is going to be unique, something that is just yours! There are different designs, finishes, and styles of log cabins for sale all around North Carolina, some of these are as follows;

Handcrafted Log Cabins

Handcrafted logs tend to give your cabin a more organic feel. They are cut and shaped purposely to stack perfectly on top of one another and form a tight seal in the walls of your cabin. They can be shaped into rectangular profiles with flat exterior and interior faces in order to give you a more historic look if that’s what you’re after. Since handcrafted log cabins are larger, they often will come with a higher price tag. Our company, Log Home Builders, offers the highest quality of handcrafted cabins.

Milled Log Cabins

Milled logs are precisely cut into similar sizes and appearances. They can either be fully rounded or squared on the ends. The beauty of milled logs is that they can be used to create super-insulated exterior walls. Dimensional log siding has been used by log building companies for a long time to give log cabins the best possible natural insulation. With that added insulation comes lowered energy costs and more long term savings! Log sliding also adds color and durable material to the milled wood, making it very low maintenance overall. You really can’t miss the distinctive look that a milled wood cabin gives.

Timber Framed Cabins

Timber frames are best known for giving cabins an amazing flair of internal beauty. They also allow for wide-open spaces inside your home, massive rooms that you can host people in or do anything you like. These frames are built by utilizing hand-carved joinery which is interlocked with wooden pegs. The precision required for such methods to work is extreme, so you can rest assured that the utmost care was given in your construction of. The timber frames can be enclosed in the frame of exterior walls. Furthermore, these frames have structural insulated panels and SIPs which makes them uniquely weather-resistant. They wrap the frame in an envelope of insulation, saving you even more money on your home and regular costs.

Stick-built Cabin

 Conventional studs are framed onto stick-built cabin walls. Since stud-framed construction uses widely available materials, many cabins have a stud-framed cabin design. The styles usually associated are shabby chic, farmhouse, mountain, or traditional. The conventional style of cabin building has a range of prices depending on the region, finishes, and complexity of your building plan.

The Modular Squad Cabins

This is the most popular and widely-loved style of cabin building. It involves shipping built-in sections/modules of the cabin in a company’s indoor facility to the construction site. The modules are then placed on a permanent foundation. Modular homes are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Such homes greatly minimize waste and give you a product you know you can rely on. Furthermore, modular cabins surpass energy-efficiency standards. Modular cabins are perfect for remote sites. Log Home Builders provides the best modular log cabins available in North Carolina. The log cabins for sale in NC exist in these different styles and designs which are a result of the different materials and types of logs used. When choosing your cabin style, you have got to strongly consider the climate in the area of residence. For example, milled log cabins and modular cabins have great insulation which is perfect for really cold regions. Log home builders are the best log cabin builders and sellers in NC. We offer quality and affordable cabins that suit all your needs at pocket-friendly prices. For more information on building a log home contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.