wall-construction-nc-log-cabinsLog cabin homes are a not only attractive but also last for years and offer great energy efficiency. The performance and aesthetics of log cabin homes depend on building conditions and choosing the best quality construction materials. Here are a few expert tips from log cabin builders that should help make the best decisions:

Log Cabin Building Tips – For the Experts from the Experts

Use dry logs
It is crucial to keep the logs dry when building a log cabin home. Even 20 percent moisture content in your logs is too much; you need to be sure that what you are getting is properly dried logs. Between 12 to 15 percent moisture content is what is considered best for construction. Moisture content is important because it makes it easier for the logs to settle without needing settling jacks for longer. Ensure that design features such as long roof overhangs and covered decks are also included to keep the longs dry for longer.

Proper design
Different designs are available for log cabin homes. One important factor is getting the design correctly for better energy efficiency, easier maintenance and building within a budget. Some of the most important design features to be prudent about include building large overhangs, ensuring the first course of logs is at least two feet above the ground, sloping the grade away from the log cabin house and planning the entire design to keep both water and sunlight from the house as much as possible. Making these considerations early will make log cabin home maintenance a breeze.

Protect the home from the elements
Rain, snow, sunlight, termites and others elements can be detrimental to log cabin homes and you need to protect them from these elements, much more than traditional housing construction.

Get materials from reputable log cabin building companies
Choosing the best log cabin kits NC is a huge factor when it comes to log cabin home construction. Every company has its own level of competence and methods; price alone should not be your guiding factor. You need to buy the log home building material package from a company that has integrity and delivers what is promised from the very fast point of contact. The materials they provide should perform as claimed, they should also be willing to offer assistance and guidance to the very end of the project.
Working with a great team is crucial if you expect to get the home of your dreams at the end of the process. Get in touch with Quality Log Home Builders today!