Do Log Cabin’s Last?

Log cabins are very beautiful, but people are usually skeptical about building them because they think that because they are built using wood, it will degrade quickly and rot away. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you enlist the assistance of professional log home builders, you will never need to worry about the longevity of your log home. Log cabins can last decades and with the right treatment and proper maintenance, your log home can even last for more than a hundred years.
Many different factors can contribute to the longevity of your log home.
The Manufacturer: Your log home builders should have this covered if they are working with credible and reliable manufacturers who produce practical and innovative log home kit designs. The manufacturers’ log home kits should also be high in quality from the fittings and fixtures to the raw materials.
The Installation: The log home kit will arrive ready to be set up and so if you are experienced with such DIY projects and you want to set up the cabin yourself, you will be free to do so. Most clients usually choose to have their log cabins set up by expert log homebuilders. An expertly installed log cabin will last your far longer than one done by someone who isn’t an expert. You may think you’re saving a little bit of money for yourself now, but later on down the road when you have to look into buying an entirely new cabin because you did something wrong, you’ll regret not having a professional do it correctly.
The Base: A long-lasting log home’s success depends on whether its base is level and firm be it made of railway sleepers, paving slabs, concrete, or timber. If the base is wonky then the cabin will be harder to install resulting in gradual problems with the cabin structure as it settles and time passes.
The Maintenance: annual maintenance of your log home is recommended for it to remain in good condition. A proper wash down should be enough to get rid of most debris and dirt, you can do a quick look over once you’re done to decide if you need to take any further actions. If when you are washing the timber, it soaks in water then you may need to apply a coat of treatment to prevent any future water damages and to add anothr layer of protection. Check for tears or damage on the roof covering, signs of insects, or loose fittings.
log-home-builders-ncThe Ventilation and Insulation: A log cabin with roof and floor insulation will be comfortable for use throughout the year and offers protection for your log home. There are specially designed log home kits that are scientifically tested to prevent condensation inside. Ventilation in the cabin is also a good step to take if you’re concerned with preventing condensation.
The Treatment: log home kits usually arrive in an untreated and natural state for easier installation. This also allows you to choose the wood treatment and colors you want for your log cabin, and apply them as you please. Ensuring you use the right, high-quality treatment for your log home will encourage longevity for years to come.
The Roof Covering: Log home kits may arrive without a roof covering enabling you to select the roof you want for your cabin. Choosing a long-lasting and high-quality roof will offer protection for your log home for years to come. Most log cabins use tin roofs, they can even be painted the color you like!
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