Log Home Builders log cabinYour log cabin demands measures to keep many serious issues at bay and ensure its longevity. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient preservative methods you can adopt to assure a longer lifespan for your log cabin.

Shell-Guard: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

This particular product keeps various types of insects away and prevents the wood from rotting. This preservative system ensures a powerful penetration into the wood, thanks to the glycol system, and maximizes the effectiveness of the borate.  Shell-Guard doesn’t have any color or odor to the delight of the log cabin owners who dislike strong chemical smells in their homes. Shell-guard mixes with water, and the resulting solution is applied to wood using a brush (if necessary, it can also be sprayed). This mixture eliminates wood-eating insects and fungus and ensures the wood is preserved for an extended period.

Shell-Guard RTU: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

Shell-guard RTU is another solution based mainly on borate. Just like the shell-guard method, shell-guard RTU doesn’t have any odor or color. It is a human-friendly system because it has a very low toxicity level for humans. Use it on both interior and exterior wood to prevent decaying timber and insect attacks. As soon as it is sprayed on the wood, it will start to eliminate fungus and keep the pests away. It takes a relatively short time to dry completely.

Application of Borate Rods

These rods are a very effective method to protect wood that is already finished with a coating. All you have to do is to insert the borate rods into the damp wood, and it will gradually dissolve. The dissolved borate will start to spread inside the wood. Eventually, it will start to eradicate all the types of fungus and ensure that the wood will last at least a decade.

Soluble Borate Powder

This method utilizes concentrated borate powder.  Dissolve this powder in water and apply on the wood. It can either be brushed or sprayed depending on personal preference or convenience.
When applying borate to the wood of a log cabin, one should ensure that the surface of the wood is cleaned correctly. However, when it comes to the application of borate rods, this step doesn’t become a necessity. Once applied, these preservative methods can ensure a long lifespan of your precious log cabin.
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