All You Need to Know About Renting Out Your Log home in NC

Renting out your Log home in NC can be a good way of earning some extra money away from your usual job/business. However, before you decide to rent it out, you should know that you have to set out a plan. You need to plan and know the type of people you plan on inviting and making sure that your insurance policy covers any damage that the cabin encounters during the lease. This guide will help you plan efficiently before you lease out your cabin.

Tips for Lease Preparation

  1. Lay out some rules: This is a very crucial step and should actually be the first thing you do. You need to understand that you are inviting strangers into your home and will thus need to regulate how they operate within your property to prevent damage and injuries. The most reliable guests you can invite are; colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and relatives. You need to prepare an agreement and make your renters sign the agreement before they arrive. Make sure that your words are clear and concise.
  2. Welcome book: Since your guests have never visited your property, you need to prepare a welcome book to help and guide them through your property. This will eliminate any confusion and help them familiarize themselves with the area. Things that you could outline include ways of operating appliances, locating and resetting the smoke detector, locating the life jackets and safety equipment, and even the mode of disposing of garbage. Do not assume that they will know these things just because you do, share things that even seem redundant. Do not forget to include your contact info to enable them to reach you at all times.
  3. Clean and in tip-top shape: If you want the people who rent your home to leave it clean and tidy, then make sure they find it like that. They will be more obligated to clean up when it was clean in the first place. Make sure all the appliances are working and ready for use. Test them out just to be sure. Check if the doors and windows are functional. This will make their stay much better and more comfortable. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of cleaning supplies about. This will make it easier for the renters to use before they leave. Just be sure you outline leaving a clean space in your welcome book.
  4. Expect a little damage: Things happen, people will at times accidentally cause damage or issues. Just make sure you stay on top of these things and hold people accountable if you need to. You can expect little thing every now and again, don’t worry too much about that stuff. As long as people are generally respecting all of your things, you’re good to go.