Log Home Builders cabin homesLog cabin homes offer a unique way of living. It is a house that is all natural and offers you great benefits even in extreme climatic conditions. When you want to build a winter cabin home, you need to consider basic pieces of advice.
Take care to get the help of an experienced structural engineer to know and provide calculations for loads of snow your roof has to be prepared to bear. The local building codes should include this information for homes that are built in snowy climates. Homes must have enough strength to carry anywhere between 130 to 360 pounds of snow weight per square foot of the roof area. Take care to provide for this when designing your winter cabin home.  Definitely make sure you use quality log home lumber that has been milled properly.

The basic design of log cabin homes built for winter seasons must have enough overhang or broad eaves so that the exterior logs are protected against the damage caused by exposure to elements like rain, snow, blizzards and hot sunny conditions.
It is a good idea to design your winter cabin home with flexible outdoor spaces like covered porches, balconies and decks to drastically bring down the exterior maintenance.
The roof of your winter cabin home must be designed in such a way that the snow slides off easily. Allowing snow to slide off prevents snow from building up on the roof that could cause damage.
Provide enough snow guard and sloping walkways to prevent the snow pooling near the foundations or logs.
Orient the long side of your winter log home towards south to reduce the energy needed to heat the house by as much as 30 to 40 percent. The sun’s rays will be able to penetrate deep into your log home during winter days helping it to remain warm even after sunset.
Take care to use the right type of insulation material and comply with the R-value prescribed by your local building code to cut back on your energy bills and to prevent ice damming in your winter log home.
When you are planning a cabin home made of logs for your winter abode, consider having a mudroom for drying and storing wet gear. A portico to the garage will add comfort while unloading things from your car. It is also necessary to have an insulated garage door for efficient heating during winter months.
It is also wise to plan a short driveway to your winter cabin home as it will reduce the time and effort required for snow removal, also have suitable places to put the snow after plowing/shoveling. To prevent slips and falls, landscape the area around your cabin home driveway with proper non-slip materials.
Use the correct type of windows having the U-value between 0.33 and 0.34. The extra upfront expense will be compensated by the energy savings. Also take care to install the right type of window cladding. Select the right type of fireplaces in compliance with your local building codes, and a great idea for your winter cabin home is to have dual- power sources for your fireplaces. Have a natural gas fireplace in the great room and a wood-burning stove type in the basement or recreation room.
These are only a few of the tips to consider while building a winter cabin home. It’s always a great idea to see what any prospective builders may have for on their website as far as finished log home designs. You can find more ideas online and with the selection of the right log home construction company you can shape your winter cabin home in all the unique ways you like.
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