Log Home builders buying logsIf you want to start buying logs for your log home, then you have to identify the best, cost-efficient options for doing such a thing. With that in mind, you will note that some types of logs are better than others. The idea is to opt for logs that are cost-efficient, strong and easy to use. Once you do that, the results will be more than positive.

Things To Focus On

Aside from cost efficiency, you also need to focus on wood density. Dense wood has fewer cracks, and there won’t be any checking when the log dries. Moreover, you will also have to think about the time when the trees were felled. Get trees that have fallen during the winter as that will minimize the risks of mold and so on. You can buy logs from local landowners, a logger, tree services, a sawmill, wholesale logs, a kit company and other similar services.

Western Red Cedar

The Western Red Cedar is excellent because it’s very resistant to decay and it has a tight grain as well. Not only that, but it’s very durable and great for people that live in climates with extreme weather. It adds character and works well with a lot of styles. Plus, it’s very distinct, and stands out,

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is another good option. This wood is perfect because it’s one of the better softwoods out there. A lot of people use it for the timber frames and traditional log homes. It also has a blond and red color for the timber, which is quite impressive. Quality-wise, this type of wood is excellent. You can also purchase kiln dried Douglas Fir, as this can be a bit more efficient.
Overall, these are only two types of logs for your log home. Remember that quality matters, and you should focus on things like durability when you are buying logs. Making a careful selection before you start building will guarantee high-quality results.
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