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Be Wary When Buying a Log Home Second-Hand

People have enjoyed the quaint charm of a log cabin since the Romans. Surviving through the ages of modifications, the modern idea of a log cabin stresses comfort, mobility, and design. Apart from the design of the cabin, there are a few things to be kept in mind before committing to buy a log cabin.

Look Out For Issues and Imperfections

Quality: Enquire about the logs used in the cabin. The type of timber used not only speaks to the structural soundness of the cabin, but also the cost of the structure. Opt for long logs that give the cabin a substantial log structure.
Wood Treatment: To protect the exterior from moisture and for long-lasting wood, the cabin must be treated with a good weather protector. Do not forget to enquire about the type of product used.
Proper Ventilation: The condition of doors and windows are to be checked since builders often use low-quality wood for construction of these. Look out for cracks and gaps between the logs and the wall. If you can find double glazed windows and doors – bonus!
Purpose: The cabin must be selected based on its purpose. The specifications and space required vary accordingly. Will the log cabin be used for a residence, office, workshop, or summer home?
Floors and Ceilings: The floors must be supported on the floor-bearers or joists to protect them from groundwater. Ensuring a proper drainage system will help to keep the cabin functioning for a long time by preventing dampness. Thoroughly check ceilings for timber movement as this might result in water leaking into the cabin.
Utilities: Proper electricity connection and water supply must be a top priority when you are choosing a log cabin. Ask the seller about regulatory compliance and make sure to check the documents.
Insect Infestations: Wooden cabins are bound to be infested if not appropriately maintained. Carefully inspect for infestations in the interior as well as the exterior surface of the cabin.
Apart from the above points, make sure you connect with someone knowledgeable in dealing with wooden cabins. The information they can supply will give you an edge in investing in the right property.
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