Who is a Log Cabin Kit Best For?

Building a log home may sound challenging, but if you use a log home kit, you will have a much easier time. What is included in a log home kit can vary from one company to another, but we generally include the logs, pre-cut to your specifications, a building plan to follow with instructions, and shipping to your lot, as well as unloading everything somewhere for you. Some companies like us offer assembly and finishing if you so choose. The log home kit is best for someone who wants to handle their project themselves from start to finish, and be able to alter or change any detail they want. However, you do need to plan and consider some things before you jump into buying a log home. It’s a safe assumption that most of us enjoy staying in log home. The look and feeling alone is enough to make us feel relaxed and one with nature. The advent of the kit has also given us a lot more options as far as home designs go and log cabin kits made it easy to assemble and build, especially for those homeowners who love having a hand in different projects.

Do You Sacrifice Integrity Going With a Kit?

Log Home builders buying logsSome people are hesitant about considering these kits, mainly because they think that it will not be as strong as a traditional-built log cabin. If frontiersman of old built their cabins by felling and notching whole trees, sealing in the gaps with a mixture of mud and straw and chinking, manufacturers of home kit construct their cabin kits with milled solid timbers, using a variety of tongue and groove interlocking methods so as to keep out the air as well as moisture. Additionally, the joints are sealed with plastic caulking and gaskets. So yes, they are just as strong as a pre-built home would be, and far stronger than any log homes built in the past. Before you get a kit you need to find out the contents and ensure it’s all of what you need. Most kits come in complete packages with all the logs pre-numbered and pre-cut and may include roofing materials, windows, doors, interior partitions, stairs, railings as well as garage doors. If you need more logs or need to notch some on location, your best bet would be calling in a professional crew to get that part done. The kit you select will depend on the amount of work which you intend to do and what works best with your chosen site and goals.

Do You Still Use Good Wood?

Log Home Builders log cabinLog home kits may also be manufactured with different kinds of wood including white cedar, oak, and Douglas, all based on the abundance in the location of the manufacturer. Remember that the wood does not directly dictate the quality but rather will depend on your method of treatment as well as maintenance down the road. Care for your cabin and it will care for you. When you choose a cabin kit, do keep in mind that you will still need to spend money for the interior of the cabin which includes plumbing, electrical wiring, fixing and lighting amongst other things. You can save money if you don’t opt to buy high-end furnishing, and you can put anything you want (or don’t want) in there. Lastly, when choosing your kits, ensure you get it from a reputable manufacturer so as to get all the appropriate assistance and information needed to be able to build the absolute best cabin for yourself. If you are interested in a log cabin kit, check out our site! We offer full service building and turn-key sales as well, please contact us if you have any questions!