Quality Log Home Builders log cabin roofThere will be a time in the future when you wonder how your log cabin‘s roof is holding up. An astute cabin owner conducts a quick inspection once in a while as a precaution. It serves as a form of diagnosis to determine the current state of the roof and decides whether it needs restoration or not. Remember, prevention is better than replacement, both in terms of convenience and cost.

Consider Roof Restoration as a Preventive Action

Let’s say that during a year, no issues arise from your log cabin roof. But you know better than to hope that your roof will stay this way forever. Chances are it’ll get damaged and deteriorate as time goes by. A proactive person knows all too well the importance of maintenance and prevention, and regularly inspects the roof proactively for diagnosis. After the inspection, if any deteriorated portions are found on the roof, the homeowner can allocate the resources needed to restore it.
It costs some money, but it’s all within the home maintenance budget, and the price tag for the small repair is relatively reasonable. There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing all too well that a complete replacement was avoided. Once done, the roof is in better shape and less prone to leaks, and helps in energy conservation.
What might have been if there hadn’t been a pre-emptively scheduled inspection? Perhaps one morning, there is a damp floor caused by excessive leaks coming from the roof, and the furniture is damaged due to prolonged dampness. Or worse, a wet ceiling is a breeding ground for insects and molds. The goal is to keep the roof from leaking in the first place.

Benefits of Restoring Your Log Cabin Roof

Economic and Low-cost Investment.  The cost of restoring the roof to its newly-installed state is relatively reasonable and can be done with ease as compared to replacing the whole roof. If the roof reaches the point where repair options are not viable, a roof replacement becomes the only option – a far more expensive option.
Adds Value to Your Home. When flipping a home for profit, a good business decision is restoring a roof to its brand-new state. Restoring the roof protects the house from weather exposure and improves the home’s aesthetic look. The latter can increase the appraisal value of the house for future resale. Roof restoration has an ROI of 63%, according to the latest Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine.
Weather Protection.  A defective roof saturated with holes, unsealed joints, and weak structural integrity is vulnerable to water leaks during the rainy season. Excessive water can seep through the holes and unsealed joints. Prolonged exposure to water of structural members can compromise their integrity, weakening the entire roof. A roof leak may find its way inside the ceiling, eventually staining it with watermarks and dripping on the furniture, which can cause permanent stains.
Improved Safety for Occupants.  A seemingly small, insignificant leak in the roof over time can result in an ideal breeding environment for mosquitos and molds, which can pose a health hazard to the occupants. More importantly, because the house is constructed from wood, excessive moisture can cause the wooden frames to rot, compromising the structural integrity of the house.
Energy Saving Potential.  Restoring the roof to its original state can make the log home more energy-efficient. How? Well, typical brand new roofs have a reflective characteristic due to their material makeup, but over time dirt and algae on the roof can deteriorate this quality. The roof Restoration process returns this capability, which translates to lower energy consumption of cooling units.

Roof Restoration is a Worthy Endeavor

Although a roof restoration isn’t as simple as changing the wallpaper, the benefits it brings is invaluable. Extending the life of the original roof is the most significant benefit. As with most household items – regular maintenance pays off in the long run.
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