Keeping Animals Out of Your Cabin This Summer

As a log cabin owner, you’ve probably had issues in the past with animals either getting into your trash or even your home. Most of us love to have our pets with us at our homes, but we don’t want any other animals hanging out uninvited. A wild animal like a bear is far stronger than the average person can imagine, they can do extreme damage to your property with relative ease. Animals really couldn’t care less about your home unless they’re on the hunt for food, stocking up for hibernation is no joke or small feat at all. This article should give you some good starting points for keeping animals out and away from your home. Protect your investment and health by applying these practical tips!

Do a Deep Clean Before you Leave

The truth is that most of these animals are attracted to your premise by the dirt and leftover food that you are too lazy to clean or empty. You’re the one that knows where everything is in your home, so you need to be the one to clean it every time before you leave. Instead of hiring someone to do it, try cleaning your own mess for a change. It really is easier than you think, just set aside a few hours before you leave and get it done. The big thing is just ensuring that you get all of your recent trash or any food an animal may want out of your home. Cleaning is important but you don’t need to do that to keep animals out per se, just keep a base level on cleanliness.

Take All Trash Out / Get rid of Perishable Food

As you all know animals don’t have grocery stores like we do, they have to hunt and scavage for every single thing they eat. This means that to them, your garbage and old leftovers are priceless and they’ll do just about anything they can to get into it. Trying to keep it out of reach is not a good option, you need to take all of your trash with you when you leave or burn it completely. Animals have incomprehsibly better senses of smell than we do. It’s widely accepted that they can smell around 7 times as good as a bloodhound even, that’s truly incredible. All of that is to say that if you leave any old food, it’s going to be found by a hungry animal. Here are some of the most simple things you can do:

  • Seal Food Away: Stop leaving food lying around the house. Not only is this going to appeal to bigger animals, but you can quickly develope a rodent issue. Animals are smarter than we like to believe, they can learn our habits and act accordingly. Once they learn a pattern they’ll lay in wait so they can try to get some food for themselves. This encourages them to turn your cabin into their breeding ground. Either store your food properly or eat it all. This is the reason why the refrigerator or pantry was invented!
  • Be Mindful: Just think before you leave your home to sit there for a few weeks or months. Collect all of the trash you have before you leave, you either need to take it with you and dispose of it in the proper place or burn it all so that nothing is left to allure any animals. You also really don’t want to just leave trash out for them to get, they’ll never stop coming back for more and it will polute the forest and waters with all of your trash – nobody wants that.

These tips, though few, are very effective when it comes to dealing with pests. Just be mindful of what you’re keeping there and don’t keep any food that’s going to go bad while you’re not there and keep everything else sealed up well, take your trash with you and you shouldnt have any issues. Now if an animal is hungry engouh they may try to break in just to search, and you can’t avoid that. What you can do though is make it harder to get in that it’s worth for them. It may sound inhumane but a lot of people leave boards with nails sticking out under all windows and doors so a bear can’t even think about busting them out to break in. If you need a log cabin or more tips for keeping yours safe, talk to us over here at Log Home Builders!