Quality Log Home Builders log homeResident burglaries today are a significant concern. Deadbolts reduced burglaries in the ’60s, and today, many homes have an electronic security system. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a log home. These systems are superior and thwart efforts by an intruder to gain access to your home. With this in mind, there are other things you can do to help keep intruders away from your home.

Avoid Showboating

Do you publicly announce your valuables to lure petty thieves? Of course not, but some everyday habits can do just that. Never leave valuable items or any indication that you have expensive items in plain sight. For example, you recently bought the latest version of a Smart TV or the best laptop in the market, don’t dispose of the packaging box beside the trash can. Anyone driving by can see what’s in your home.

Install Sturdy Doors and Locks

Solid doors and bolt locks make it hard for a burglar to gain access to your log home. Petty thieves find it easy to gain access by picking standard doorknob locks and breaking through hollow doors. Double glazed windows are an excellent addition as well.

Leave the Lights On

It doesn’t matter if you are around or no one is in the house. Make an impression that the house isn’t empty and confuse the thieves. If the thief suspects there is someone in the house, they are more likely to move to an easier target. Almost all burglaries happen during the day when there is no one around. When you leave your log home, create an illusion that there is someone in the house to trick the thieves.

Don’t Leave a Key Outside

Leaving the key outside your log home in a pot or under the doormat is risky and outdated. It makes it effortless for the thief to open and close the house as if they own it. If there are several members of the family with different arrival times, give each one a key. This way, you are safe, and no one is inconvenienced. Better yet, install a digital lock with entry codes.
With keeping unwanted visitors out of your log home, you only need to be safe and don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves. Log homes are beautiful and appealing to the eye, so you will have people aspiring to know what is inside that fantastic log home. Stay safe.
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