Quality LogHome Builders log homesWhether you are new to a log home or have made the wise choice of having one for years, getting natural light into your home to brighten, lighten and make warm space is essential in having a comfy home.

Doorway to the Heavens

Placing your doors strategically, and choosing doors with the most amount of glass space will go a long way in providing the natural light at the entrance of your home. Well-placed mirrors can reflect this light into areas that have low lighting and no window space. The illumination glowing from the front doors or sliding back doors can make your house energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Windows to the World

The new trend in recently built log cabins and wooden architecture is to maximize windows with the least amount of visible structure. Just imagine gazing through the neighboring forest or blissful river bank relishing every ounce of nature’s beauty as it surrounds you. Bedrooms without balconies can have an entire panel window to give it an authentic treehouse feel.


Skylights and sun tunnels can add additional light into areas where a window may not fit. Skylights are installed on the roof, and because they are subjected to forces of nature, it is essential they are properly installed. It is recommended that a professional contractor with particular expertise in sky lighting be employed to maximize light and provide accurate spacing and seal properly. Different rooms require different types of skylights, for example; a skylight in the kitchen can be a large one placed above an island counter while one in the bedroom can be placed in the center of the room. A sun tunnel in the bathroom can be sufficient to provide enough light. Smaller skylights can be placed in laundry rooms or passageways. Making these decisions will not only save you a handful of money in the long run, but it’s also a step closer to the completion of off-the-grid living. For more information on custom log homes, contact Quality Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.