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Log Cabin Maintenance

Karl Young, based in Springfield Ohio, has been a general contractor for over ten years. He also works in restoration, from log cabins to deck construction.  To tackle the subject of log cabins, especially in the maintenance sector, we knew exactly the person to ask. Taking care of the exterior of your house/holiday home can […]

Maintenance of Your Log Home

Maintaining a log cabin is not any more difficult or exhausting than keeping a traditional house. However, there are a few unique issues related to log homes that are different than a conventional wood-framed house. Cleaning Focus on the dark patches.  In these areas, the rain moistened the logs, resulting in growth of mildew or mold. […]

Tips for Building a Winter Cabin Home

Log cabin homes offer a unique way of living. It is a house that is all natural and offers you great benefits even in extreme climatic conditions. When you want to build a winter cabin home, you need to consider basic pieces of advice. Take care to get the help of an experienced structural engineer […]

Log Cabin Benefits

Before you invest in a log cabin, whether a ready-made cabin or one that is built from scratch, it’s important to understand the benefits first. Knowing what you stand to gain with a log cabin will help you to make a more informed decision. Log cabins have become very popular. Let’s look at a number […]

Advantages of Custom Log Homes

You have plenty of options today when it comes to home construction and construction materials. But if you want to build a home that is beneficial to your health and the environment, you should consider building a custom log home. Log cabin homes are made primarily of timber throughout the construction and accessorized with materials […]